SpoonersSpooners (2013)

This series, based on a short film of the same name, is a funny, sometimes cliche, and always relevant look at married, gay life.

The series starts out with a couple in their 30s (I think) who are stable in their relationship, but need a new bed as they’ve been sleeping on their futon for too long.  So the crazy part is when they go bed shopping, and all the inadvertent attention they draw as they shop as a same-sex couple in a mattress store. Continue reading “Spooners”

The Boys Who Brunch

The Boys Who Brunch – Season One-Two (2011-14)

“That’s what life is all about… the people you meet along the way.”

Making connections with other people is maybe one of the highlights of life.  That and a good mimosa to start the day.  As this web series opened up its first episode, it comments on how in New York City, there are so many people crammed in together, but how difficult it is to find real, genuine friends. Mason, our main character, is eager to make real connections with people and to maintain them. Continue reading “The Boys Who Brunch”

Web Series: Feral

Feral (2016)

Updated 10-16-2016:

Feral is a new web series – the first produced by gay movie site Dekkoo – about a group of young friends living in Memphis who are finding themselves in the midst of life’s struggles.  Billy is dealing with life after the loss of a relationship.  Daniel is trying to figure out how to express himself without hurting others.  Their friends are working on other issues like coming out and addiction.

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The Moment Series

The Moment Series from Buzzfeed Yellow

I happened across this the other day, and thought it was interesting.  Each of the videos is only about 3-4 minutes long, and the each focus on a specific part of a relationship.  It happens that these moments are gay-themed, but they really apply to relationships in general.

It starts out with these two guys who are hooking up, but one starts to want more.  As things progress, they hit snags along the way and negotiate their way to a relationship.  Finally one is leaving and they contemplate their relationship turning into a long-distance one.

It’s obviously not as deep as a feature length film, but it packs more than one would think with simplicity.  Worth a watch.  Episodes below the jump.

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Hunting Season: Season 2

M_HS2250Hunting Season – Season 2 (2015)

In my post about the first season of Hunting Season, I said that one of the main things the show focused on was sex.  Again we see this in the second season, but the theme has been expanded on in several ways.

The synopsis: “A New York city writer and his friends traverse the gay world, exploring their ever-evolving sexuality, relationships, and what it means to be a true friend.”

Evolution is the first theme that comes to mind watching the second series.  Not only in terms of the series itself (although I think it is), it’s about Alex and his conflict between good Alex and bad Alex.  It’s about him trying to figure out what he really wants – does he want more hook ups and screw ups or is he looking for something more meaningful?

Hmm..  Looking.  This seems to be a theme for series lately.  Now that I’m thinking about the show “Looking,” Hunting Season has many parallels in terms of the struggle of the main character.  Even some of the self-destructive behaviors are similar.  But I digress…

Now his blog is starting to catch up with him, but at the same time he wants to write something different.  Hooking up is getting weird, and he seems like he’s looking for something more.  But with who?  There is a pivotal moment that I thought was very poignant when Alex hooks up with a guy, but runs into his ex who now has a husband and a kid. Continue reading “Hunting Season: Season 2”

It Could Be Worse

For those days when you think everything that could go wrong has, please meet Jacob.  I think in the first episode that I watched everything in his life just took a crap.  Certainly made me feel better about my day! Synopsis from IMDB: “Jacob Gordon can’t catch a break. A struggling actor with a personal life to match. His epic streak of bad luck just might change when he’s cast in a Broadway musical; “The Ice Queen”, opposite stage and screen royalty Veronica Bailey.” It Could Be Worse is about Jacob and his life in New York City (season one) and … Continue reading It Could Be Worse

Coffee House Chronicles

Coffee House Chronicles (2015) So far there are two episodes of this web series, and I’m talking about them here because I think they show promise.  They’re more than pretty faces and good lines, they’re talking about things that the LGBT community deals with like finding love vs a hookup, stereotypes, etc. Synopsis: An anthology web series that explores ways that gay, bi, and trans people connect in today’s world. The first episode starts in a coffee house (as one would expect) where Darin is trying to hook up with Matthew.  But when things move along Darin finds that Matthew is … Continue reading Coffee House Chronicles


G&T (2012 – present)

Giulio and Thomas have been best friends for years until one night when their friendship goes a step too far.  After not speaking for 5 years, they finally meet again through mutual friends.  It’s obvious they haven’t resolved anything, and after a blow up they seem destined to not meet for another 5 years.  But fate has another plan for them.

The series is in Italian with subtitles, although the subtitling is a little less than proper English.  But it’s enough to give you the idea of what’s going on.  Production values are good.  Episodes are about 10-12 minutes each.  I’m still in the first season, so who knows where it will go from here.  But so far I’d say it’s worth adding to your YouTube subscription if you’re looking for a series to check out.

Update: OK, so I ended up watching both seasons in about 4 days. (and it probably only took that long because I had to work).  I generally only binge watch something I think is really good and compelling…  And the second season episodes are much longer – some are over 30 minutes.   Continue reading “G&T”

Not Adam and Steve

It’s like a reality web-series, but not as trite or cliche.  Will and RJ have been vlogging on YouTube for 4 years now, and since I watch them just about every day I thought I’d give them a shout out here.  Not that they need any publicity, but if you haven’t watched then you might be missing some of the most prolific YouTubers out there. Here’s why I like their videos.  Each one is just a day in the life.  There isn’t any manufactured drama, and they seem to be two down to earth guys.  They’ve said before that the … Continue reading Not Adam and Steve

Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Go-Go Boy Interrupted (2014) Gay men get old and it’s the end of the world.  And by old I mean 30.  When your profession relies on your youth what happens when you are just too old to continue?  That’s what we’re going to find out in this new web series. Danny is our guy who is about to turn 30, and isn’t exactly the shiniest queen on stage.  He has some problems with subtraction and such.  He seems like he has a good heart though which makes me interested to see where this goes.  He’s nice to the new guy, Elliot, … Continue reading Go-Go Boy Interrupted