Hunting Season: Season 2

M_HS2250Hunting Season – Season 2 (2015)

In my post about the first season of Hunting Season, I said that one of the main things the show focused on was sex.  Again we see this in the second season, but the theme has been expanded on in several ways.

The synopsis: “A New York city writer and his friends traverse the gay world, exploring their ever-evolving sexuality, relationships, and what it means to be a true friend.”

Evolution is the first theme that comes to mind watching the second series.  Not only in terms of the series itself (although I think it is), it’s about Alex and his conflict between good Alex and bad Alex.  It’s about him trying to figure out what he really wants – does he want more hook ups and screw ups or is he looking for something more meaningful?

Hmm..  Looking.  This seems to be a theme for series lately.  Now that I’m thinking about the show “Looking,” Hunting Season has many parallels in terms of the struggle of the main character.  Even some of the self-destructive behaviors are similar.  But I digress…

Now his blog is starting to catch up with him, but at the same time he wants to write something different.  Hooking up is getting weird, and he seems like he’s looking for something more.  But with who?  There is a pivotal moment that I thought was very poignant when Alex hooks up with a guy, but runs into his ex who now has a husband and a kid.

We also see how other characters are dealing with their lives.   Tommy is having an internal struggle about what really makes him happy.  Is it the sex itself, or is it the connection with other people?  Exploring three ways is another way a couple is exploring their relationship.

There is a lot of metaphor in this show, and anyone who likes reading between the lines will enjoy finding it practically everywhere.  Alex’s job, his dates, his relationship with his sister…  I could go on and on, but I’ll not spoil them all for you.

Ben Baur’s performance was very good.  Apparently he was nominated for best actor for the Indie Series Awards, and I think his performance here is on par with or better than last season.  Supporting actors are mostly all good, and production values are like watching a series on HBO.

There’s some fairly frequent frontal nudity.  Some will enjoy it.  Some might find it gratuitous.  I think that a good deal of the scenes probably could have accomplished the same narrative without it.  Just know – NSFW.  (Not that I know why one would watch at work anyway…)

If you liked Hunting Season: Season One, you’ll like Season Two.  I’m actually hoping to see a third season now too!


“The only problem with Sundays is that they always turn into Monday morning.” – Alex

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