Fruity Movies generally don’t have much to do with produce, but they are actually films.  The movies on this site are gay themed movies or media that I’ve watched and have some kind of half-witted opinion about.

Mainly I wanted to start writing these things down for myself because while my short term memory is tack-sharp, my long term memory is more like pen-sharp.  And I hate it when I rent a movie only to find that I’ve already seen it.

But I decided to share my thoughts with whoever wants to read them.  I’m not a movie critic, not a professional reviewer, and sometimes don’t even write all that well.  But if I can help point you in the direction of a great movie or even save you from a less than great movie – so be it.

I also love to find themes and metaphors in movies.  Sometimes they are there on purpose and sometimes by accident.  Occasionally I’m way off base, and that just makes it all the more interesting.  If I can help you take away a bit more from a movie than you might have otherwise then that’s better than popcorn farts.

This site is dedicated to my friend who went by DeeTee on my last blog, and who sat with me through countless hours of studio and low-budget LGBT films in what we eventually called the Toronto Film Fest.  No, not that Toronto.  Toronto in the mid-west…