G&T (2012 – present)

Giulio and Thomas have been best friends for years until one night when their friendship goes a step too far.  After not speaking for 5 years, they finally meet again through mutual friends.  It’s obvious they haven’t resolved anything, and after a blow up they seem destined to not meet for another 5 years.  But fate has another plan for them.

The series is in Italian with subtitles, although the subtitling is a little less than proper English.  But it’s enough to give you the idea of what’s going on.  Production values are good.  Episodes are about 10-12 minutes each.  I’m still in the first season, so who knows where it will go from here.  But so far I’d say it’s worth adding to your YouTube subscription if you’re looking for a series to check out.

Update: OK, so I ended up watching both seasons in about 4 days. (and it probably only took that long because I had to work).  I generally only binge watch something I think is really good and compelling…  And the second season episodes are much longer – some are over 30 minutes.  

I think one of the things that is so appealing about this series is the relationship between Giulio and Tommaso, and the overall honesty of it.  It starts out being perfect, like a movie or something.  But nothing is ever perfect, and we see that in this series.

The other characters and their story lines are very good and well-developed.  They add interest and perspective.  And Sara is a piece of work!   Even if she annoys you at time, you have to admit she’s pretty hysterical.

There are so many themes in this series that play out in the different stories.  Love, betrayal, trust, friendship, relationships..  There are a lot of layers to this, and the second season only expands on them.

Overall, I recommend watching this.  Just be ready to spend some time.  It’s like a good book that you can’t put down – you want to know what happens next.  Hope to see a third season soon!

Check it out on the G&T Website and on YouTube.

Memorable quotes: “Fear is a beast that eats you from within..” – Tommaso

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