Coffee House Chronicles

M_CHCCoffee House Chronicles (2015)

So far there are two episodes of this web series, and I’m talking about them here because I think they show promise.  They’re more than pretty faces and good lines, they’re talking about things that the LGBT community deals with like finding love vs a hookup, stereotypes, etc.

Synopsis: An anthology web series that explores ways that gay, bi, and trans people connect in today’s world.

The first episode starts in a coffee house (as one would expect) where Darin is trying to hook up with Matthew.  But when things move along Darin finds that Matthew is not what he thought.  And right or wrong, Darin has to figure out what is important to him.

SC_CHC2_2In the second episode, Jeff’s partner Mitch has died, and he’s at the point where he’s starting to date again.  He meets his best friend Anthony in a coffee house (where else?) to talk about the date.  But that meeting ends up being much more than Jeff thought it would be.

The series is written and directed by Stewart Wade, and so far features some recognizable faces like Darryl Stevens, Drew Droege, and Chris Salvatore.  The series is looking for funding on Indiegogo.  I think given a full run this could be very interesting if they continue to address substantive issues while still keeping it quick and funny.

You can see the first two episodes on YouTube and their Facebook page here.

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