Not Adam and Steve

It’s like a reality web-series, but not as trite or cliche.  Will and RJ have been vlogging on YouTube for 4 years now, and since I watch them just about every day I thought I’d give them a shout out here.  Not that they need any publicity, but if you haven’t watched then you might be missing some of the most prolific YouTubers out there.

Here’s why I like their videos.  Each one is just a day in the life.  There isn’t any manufactured drama, and they seem to be two down to earth guys.  They’ve said before that the purpose of the videos are to just show what life is like for two gay guys in a relationship, and that life is pretty normal.  Well, normal if you consider so many moments to be public and on YouTube with some over 100,000 views!

Recently, they’ve been showing the holidays.  But before that Will’s mother visited, and they are having some issues with Dobby, their dog.  They go out to eat, hang out with friends, go to Target, and play video games.  I think having never watched I might wonder why someone would watch.  But they’re intriguing people, and there’s almost always something interesting in each video.

So Happy Four Year Anniversary Will and RJ!  Best of luck to you both.

Link to Will & RJ’s YouTube Channel

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