When We Rise

When We Rise (2017)

A moving documentary of the LGBTQ equal rights movement, When We Rise covers a lot of ground and reminds us of what has come before us and what still needs to be done.

The first thing I liked about this series is how it personalized everything.  From the heartbreak of an unknown lover’s passing to the joy of a modern gay marriage, I felt like I was brought along the roller coaster of emotions with the characters.  It’s not just a documentation of the facts of history, but it’s brought to life through real people’s experiences of that history. Continue reading “When We Rise”



SpoonersSpooners (2013)

This series, based on a short film of the same name, is a funny, sometimes cliche, and always relevant look at married, gay life.

The series starts out with a couple in their 30s (I think) who are stable in their relationship, but need a new bed as they’ve been sleeping on their futon for too long.  So the crazy part is when they go bed shopping, and all the inadvertent attention they draw as they shop as a same-sex couple in a mattress store. Continue reading “Spooners”

Holding the Man

m_htmHolding the Man (2015)

The cover art of this film betrays the raw and resolute nature of this film.  They appear to be dancing in golden light, but their reality is less sunny.

Tim and John meet in high school, and their romance blossoms from there.  Although not everything is always roses – they go through all kinds of relationship and individual challenges.  Eventually there is one challenge that they must face together, and will test them to the end. Continue reading “Holding the Man”

The Boys Who Brunch

The Boys Who Brunch – Season One-Two (2011-14)

“That’s what life is all about… the people you meet along the way.”

Making connections with other people is maybe one of the highlights of life.  That and a good mimosa to start the day.  As this web series opened up its first episode, it comments on how in New York City, there are so many people crammed in together, but how difficult it is to find real, genuine friends. Mason, our main character, is eager to make real connections with people and to maintain them. Continue reading “The Boys Who Brunch”

The Moment Series

S_tmibThe Moment Series from Buzzfeed Yellow

I happened across this the other day, and thought it was interesting.  Each of the videos is only about 3-4 minutes long, and the each focus on a specific part of a relationship.  It happens that these moments are gay-themed, but they really apply to relationships in general.

It starts out with these two guys who are hooking up, but one starts to want more.  As things progress, they hit snags along the way and negotiate their way to a relationship.  Finally one is leaving and they contemplate their relationship turning into a long-distance one.

It’s obviously not as deep as a feature length film, but it packs more than one would think with simplicity.  Worth a watch.  Episodes below the jump.

Continue reading “The Moment Series”