LookingLooking: Season 1 (2014)

I just finished watching the first season of HBO’s Looking, and am remembering why I liked it so much.  Some have said it’s like a reincarnation of Queer as Folk, but I think this one stands on its on as something new and unique.

Synopsis:  IMDB says the series is about three friends and their experiences living and loving in San Francisco.  That’s vague.  Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Augustin, and Dom are the three friends, and each of them is on some sort of journey finding themselves and perhaps love along the way.  Each of them grows in different ways throughout the season.  Patrick and his anxiety, Augustin and his.. dickishness, and Dom and his dream.  We also have several other very important characters, and although they are not the main characters I find that they are very integral to the story and quite relatable.

The journey for each of these characters is what i think I find the most interesting.  They each have their issues, and even though the episodes are short (30 minutes) the writers are able to move the story along at a good clip while developing just what needs to be in the right amount.  There’s not a lot of extraneous drama, but what does happen on screen counts.

The title of the series really says it all when it comes to an all-encompassing theme.  Each of the main characters is looking for something.  Maybe its meaning in life, fulfillment of a dream, love..  maybe even just themselves.  And it’s very relatable – who the hell isn’t looking for something?

I think my favorite episode is the fifth one where we just see the beginning of the relationship.  I think it was Jonathan that mentioned in the commentary that every relationship has this moment only once, and I think this episode captured it beautifully.  The newness, the discovery, the excitement – its all there. 

The season finale has some of the best moments.  I won’t say any more so I don’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but there are some scenes that will pull on your heart.

The writing for this series is fantastic, and its very well acted and produced. Season One is available from Netflix (on DVD), and Season Two is on HBO now.  Very easy to lose half a day binge watching this one, because once you start you will watch the entire thing.  Can’t wait for season 2 to come out on DVD… no HBO for me.

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