Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

To boldly go where no one has gone before… into the bathroom to brush our teeth.  This was the big, gay reveal on Star Trek and it couldn’t have been better. I think Gene Roddenberry would have approved.

The latest Star Trek series is very different from what we’ve seen in the past, although I feel like there’s been an evolution of the franchise if you look from The Next Generation to the recent Abrams films.  This Star Trek is edgier, darker, and a little less rainbows and roses than some remember. Continue reading “Star Trek: Discovery”

grace and frankie

Grace and Frankie

grace and frankieSeries: Grace and Frankie (2015)

I think it was somewhere during one of the first episodes when Frankie was talking about having sand in her vagina that I got hooked.  Strange place to start, but the series also starts out with life throwing a curve at two women who thought they had it all figured out.  It’s touching and hilarious as Grace and Frankie figure out how to deal with their new lives together. Continue reading “Grace and Frankie”

The Fosters

The FostersThe Fosters (2013 – present)

Occasionally it’s fun to binge watch a TV show on Netflix.  What’s playing on my screen lately?  The Fosters.

My synopsis: The Fosters is about a family that is not your typical one.  Stef and Lena are the parents of 5 children four of which are adopted.  Brandon is Stef’s biological child and the oldest.  Marianna and Jesus are twins that they adopted.  Callie and Jude are the newest members of the family.  Each member of the family has their own struggles and challenges, but they end up facing most of them as a family.

I hadn’t started watching this show before because I wasn’t quite sure what it was about.  Was it another teen melodrama?  After watching 29 episodes I won’t say it isn’t at times, but that’s certainly not all it is.  It plays at a higher level with themes about love, family, and being a better person.

At one point I remember thinking that this show had a dark streak running through it.  There were some plot elements that took it from being a run of the mill evening drama to another level.  It takes a look at issues that other shows haven’t really touched, and it does so sometimes with humor and other times by pulling at your heart. Continue reading “The Fosters”


LookingLooking: Season 1 (2014)

I just finished watching the first season of HBO’s Looking, and am remembering why I liked it so much.  Some have said it’s like a reincarnation of Queer as Folk, but I think this one stands on its on as something new and unique.

Synopsis:  IMDB says the series is about three friends and their experiences living and loving in San Francisco.  That’s vague.  Patrick (Jonathan Groff), Augustin, and Dom are the three friends, and each of them is on some sort of journey finding themselves and perhaps love along the way.  Each of them grows in different ways throughout the season.  Patrick and his anxiety, Augustin and his.. dickishness, and Dom and his dream.  We also have several other very important characters, and although they are not the main characters I find that they are very integral to the story and quite relatable.

The journey for each of these characters is what i think I find the most interesting.  They each have their issues, and even though the episodes are short (30 minutes) the writers are able to move the story along at a good clip while developing just what needs to be in the right amount.  There’s not a lot of extraneous drama, but what does happen on screen counts. Continue reading “Looking”