Hunting Season

hseasonHunting Season: Season One
Looking for one thing?

Hunting Season is a web series that was released in 2012. I think it originally appeared on Logo, but you can now download it for free (or uncensored for a fee) on the website  There are currently 8 episodes, although it appears there are plans for a second season funded by Kickstarter.

From Logo: Hunting Season is a new series based on the funny and painfully truthful blog of Alex, a single gay 20-something in Manhattan, a smart and successful blogger at Gawker by day, who turns the spotlight on himself and his friends and starts anonymously writing about his social life. Based on the wildly popular blog, The Great Cock Hunt, and the novel of the same title published by Kensington Books.

The show is funny, frank, sexy, and loves New York City.  It reminds me of a scaled down version of Queer as Folk – not scaled down in a bad way but more focused.  Ask me to pick one theme and sex kinda pops out.  It’s “Hunting Season” for a reason.  However, throughout the series we start to see that the sex is a part of finding what the characters want.  Some are looking for a simple hook-up, others maybe a hook-up confused with a relationship, and others want a relationship but are pushed into meaningless sex.  All of it involves some sort of internal conflict and sometimes being caught off-guard.

The production quality is very good, music is well done, and the acting is all good.  Each show is about 10 minutes long – short but effective.  Keep in mind that without the censor/blurring this series is TV-MA.


“If the right guy came along I could totally fall in love again.  Until then, there is nothing wrong with being a whore.” – Alex


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