Hot Guys with Guns

M_gwgunsHot Guys with Guns (2014)

I’ve watched all of the Donald Strachey films, and I expected this to be similar.  A gay flick that involved some mystery, action, and humor.  I was pretty much right with a few differences.

Here’s the summary from Amazon: Danny Lohman is a struggling actor who takes his homework a little too seriously. Pip Armstrong is his ex with a trust fund and a knack for finding trouble. Together they enlist the help of a jaded PI named Jimmy Peppicelli to break up a crime spree sending shockwaves through Hollywood’s Velvet Mafia. Chinatown meets Boystown in this modern take on the old-fashioned detective story.

First production values out of the way – all good, not in the way, and impressive for what I imagine was not the biggest of budgets.  The music was well done especially at the beginning with the intro that mimicked a Bond film.

The story was enjoyable although not riveting – it moved a little slow.  The mother story seemed extraneous because I’m not sure what she contributed besides awkwardness when climbing into bed with her son after a romp.  I liked the interactions between the two lead characters.  Actually throughout the movie I kept wondering how they were actually as a couple considering Pip’s proclivities and Danny’s conception of a relationship .  But then I was also wondering when they were going to get back together.  Jimmy’s character was a good contribution bringing believeablity to the escapades.

The laugh lines made me chuckle although not out loud.  Some were funny like when they were being chased and shot at, and they stopped and Pip asked “Are you getting a woody?”   Other lines relied a lot on stereotypes that have been overdone like when Pip is knocked to the ground and he seems concerned about his $300 jeans.   Again Jimmy brought some moments like when he walks in on a sex party and says, “Oh! That’s my dentist!”

I’m always looking for themes and in this movie I didn’t really pick up on any messages until the end.  Stuff – it’s what some people think Pip is all about. But as they say, stuff is what people throw away.  Pip is accused of caring more about stuff than people.  I think perhaps he cares more about his sex life, but I suppose the meaning rings true.  He takes a bit of a journey through the movie until he realizes he really does still care for Danny.

Overall it was fun to watch.  The concept was a good one, and I think it delivered on basic levels.  I just wish it had drawn me in more, and left me with more than wondering how they got to a Mexican restaurant.





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