End of Season Sale

End of Season Sale (2014)

This short film was one my favorites from the Bloomington Pride Film Fest.  One of the audience members I was sitting next to put it succinctly when she said, “That film was like an orgasm!”

Synopsis: Late at night two aging strangers fail to obtain Viagra for a one night stand. The shortage of the desired blue pill turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the two strangers get a chance to exchange the pleasures of the flesh with the pleasures of the heart.

S_eoss1We watch as Uri tries to get Haim to fall in love with him instead of just having a one night stand.  In the process we get to see all the different reasons why one rejects love in favor of just sex.  Uri tries so hard to get to know the other man, while Haim does everything in his power to throw Uri off.  They seem almost polar opposites with each representing a different viewpoint as they artfully play off each other to find middle ground.

Themes in this short film range from a life of love vs life of sex, time’s effect on us, age, the current state of the gay community, love, and contentment.  It moves very quickly, and clever lines are delivered about once every 30 seconds.  One of my favorites was, “Sex can be like poetry.  You don’t always get the meaning but you still enjoy.”

This 35 minute film has more content and depth than most feature length films, and it is so beautifully crafted its like a piece of artwork.  As my audience member friend mentioned, the movie builds like a climax and is just amazing in how many layers it has to it.  I think this film is still in film festivals, but once it’s available it’s definitely worth your 30 minutes.

Trailer on Vimeo

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