Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Go-Go Boy Interrupted (2014)

Gay men get old and it’s the end of the world.  And by old I mean 30.  When your profession relies on your youth what happens when you are just too old to continue?  That’s what we’re going to find out in this new web series.

Danny is our guy who is about to turn 30, and isn’t exactly the shiniest queen on stage.  He has some problems with subtraction and such.  He seems like he has a good heart though which makes me interested to see where this goes.  He’s nice to the new guy, Elliot, when the rest of the go-go boys are not.  His boss, Ann Ziety, fires him because he’s “not 20 anymore,” and tells him that he’s basically going to turn into her one day.  Although she’s pretty witty, it’s not maybe the best prospect.

We might look at some themes like aging in the gay community, friendship, and hypocrisy of the hyperfocus on appearances.  In the meantime, I found it to be pretty witty with a lot of good lines stuffed into the first 5 minute episode.

“Everyone here is so sweet to your face.”

“My junk is a lot happier tied between my legs than in the palm of some creepy old man.”

Worth checking out and subscribing to the YouTube channel.  Here’s a link to the YouTube trailer.



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