Be Mine

Be Mine (2009)

I started watching this movie, and realized that I had seen it before.  At least the first part of it – I had apparently stopped watching it at some point.

Synopsis: A gay man is about to be married. He thinks back to when he was a kissing virgin, waiting for the right person with whom to have that first kiss.

The story starts to be told through a series of flashbacks to when Mayson met his husband.  He has never had a first kiss being almost out of college, but given his level of self-esteem/outlook it’s not that surprising.  In contrast to his friend Robyn (who is bubbly and friendly), Mayson can be negative and depressing.

The scene on the deck outside the party where Mayson and Reiley is awkward when it could have been.. “charming.” Mayson’s fantastic diatribe about what love is kinda goes on, and then when he tries weed he whines a bit much.  Not sure what is so endearing about him at this point. “Look ma, no coughing..”  But the weed does apparently loosen him up a bit.  Well, until he barfs.

Was that strip Jenga?

Themes might include finding love when you least expect it.  But others might include annoying friends, barfing in front of your crush, or meeting people at parties.  Just not very focused.

Production values aren’t very high in this film.  They’re what I would rate as “after school special” which is higher than home video but lower than Lifetime special.  Some issues with audio first noted in the coffee shop.  The dialogue is a little unnatural at times… or it could just be some of the acting.

It is trying to be a cute film, and in some aspects it succeeds.  But in too many other aspects it doesn’t.


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