Watch for: The 10 Year Plan

M_10YP10 Year Plan (upcoming)

This film caught my eye as a fun look at people finding love when it may be difficult and the plans they try to make around relationships.  This is from the same director as “Is is Just Me?” and “eCupid” – both films that I enjoyed.

The official synopsis:
Two best friends who are complete opposites when it comes to their taste in men, make a pact to be a couple if neither one has found the right guy in ten years.  But when their arrangement is almost due, both friends try to do whatever it takes to avoid becoming the other’s last resort.

The film appears to be running the film festival circuit this year.  Although you can currently pre-order the film, I’m not sure of its exact release date.  Screening are all summer long so you can check out their website to see if one is near you.

10 Year Plan Website

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