Angels with Tethered Wings

Angels with Tethered Wings (2015)

This is a unique story about the evils of money, young lovers, and how sometimes a bad thing can turn into something good.

Synopsis from Babaloo Studios: “Angels with Tethered Wings is an unusual, quirky and erotic three-part drama – a back-from-the-grave revenge flick about hope and forgiveness! The film follows what happens when a good man does a bad thing for a good reason. He tries to right a wrong by freeing two young lovers but instead forever entraps them to their mortal coils. In the end their collective love for each other will give an almost perfect stranger the wings to fly.”

The story is told in three parts with a twisted (out of order) narrative befitting a suspense/drama.  Although I have to admit I sometimes found it difficult to follow.  We start with a scene that gives away a little of what we’ll see in part 3, but it also felt disconnected from the rest of it.  It was rather strange and attention-getting though.

But strange and attention-getting also describe any number of scenes from this movie.  There is a lot of nudity in this film, so if you’re averse or thinking of watching it on an airplane I might advise something else.  A good deal of it feels gratuitous, but perhaps that’s the point here.  There have been any number of straight films with gratuitous nudity so why not a gay film?   Regardless, it’s pretty much soft porn at times.

I think my favorite scenes were from the third part where more of the story had started to make sense, and there were more obvious comic lines.  When the character Jessie came into the story, things got better.  We needed someone to like in the whole thing.  Now the zombie thing kinda came out of left-field, but again it’s a unique story element that was interesting and amusing.

Jessie seems to represent the best of people in this film.  While everyone seems to have ulterior motives, Jessie is generous, open-minded, and caring.  He shows this through people he knows from work and with Timothy.  In the end, he is the best person and part of the film.

What is the writer saying here?  Is it that money is the root of evil?  Don’t trust porn producers?  A purposeful act of good intention can go horribly wrong?  Or is the ratio of self-serving people to benevolent people to represent what he sees in the LGBT community?  Could be that zombies make better lovers…   Each of these themes seems to be working itself out in this film.

This film occasionally shows its low-budget roots, and some of the acting was undeveloped.  But there are some decent scenes that make you forget.  The classical music was an interesting touch.   And the original story shows promise for what the writer may do next.  Any movie that has the line, “Wearing a condom is the best idea even if you are fucking a corpse,” within the first few minutes is bound to make an impression.

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