Watch For: A Very Sordid Wedding

I was ecstatic when Twitter showed me a link to A Very Sordid Wedding.  This is the next film from Del Shores who created Sordid Lives.  The TV series was a hit, and I was pretty bummed when LOGO cancelled it.  The movie was hilarious and deserves a sequel.

Their description of the upcoming film: The original film explored the coming out story and how conservative southern families deal with gay family members.  The sequel picks up 16 years later and continues the comedic exploration of important issues by addressing marriage equality.

The movie is in it’s fundraising period on Indiegogo, and has until October 29 to reach its goal of almost $100,000.  Full disclosure: I contributed so I’m kinda biased.  But I did so because I loved Del Shores’ other work, and I have confidence that the new movie will be just as good.  It looks like most of the original cast will return which should be a blast.

Best of luck to them in their fundraising, and I hope to see A Very Sordid Wedding in 2015!

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