Watch For: Where The Bears Are – Season 3

Update August 2014: Where the Bears are season 3 is now playing at the Where the Bears Are website and on YouTube.

Where The Bears Are is a web series that started in 2012.  The three creators star in and produce the series.  It’s a comedy with a mystery twist, and it also happens to be about bears.  Not the kind you see in a zoo, but ones you might see at a gay pride parade.

Each season follows the three bears as they get caught up in and hilariously unravel the mysterious circumstances that they find themselves in.  The first season started with a bear who died in their home (in the bathtub no less) during a party.  Each episode is enjoyable to watch because they incorporate humor, mystery, and aspects of the bear community.

I think I heard them say on a video that they’re what the Golden Girls would be if they were all bears – each character’s archetype is represented.  Reggie is Blanche and is on the hunt for a sexy bear.  Wood is the always stupefied Rose.  Nelsen reminds me of Dorothy.  I’m not sure who would be Sophia though…

So far I’ve watched both seasons of Where The Bears Are as they’ve been released, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the episodes.  Full disclosure here – I enjoyed them so much that I became a supporter on KickStarter for the upcoming third season.  I’m very much looking forward to the new season!  I’ve linked to the trailer below.

Season 1 is available on iTunes and Amazon.  You can still see Season 2 on their website,


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