All Kinds of Love

“I can’t even…”

It’s a line from the movie that is used a couple of times. When Max and Con are overwhelmed with all the feels, they say, “I can’t even…” Unfortunately, I would have to say the same thing, but for different reasons.

The basic premise here is that Max gets divorced from his husband of many years and finds himself living in one of his rentals. Surprise out of nowhere, Conrad shows up thinking he has rented the place too. Now they fall in love.

OK, so it’s not quite that simple, but we are supposed to see that there is something between them as they meet. The development just isn’t there though. This ends up leaving us with some awkward stares and pauses which might be on purpose – they’re both a bit awkward. But I feel like it’s missing something.

I have to mention the fact that there is a lot of full frontal male nudity. It’s not hard core, but it feels pretty gratuitous. There are plenty of times that we would have gotten the picture without seeing the full picture. At some times, I felt like this was a glorified soft-porn with excessive story because I kept seeing everyones’s junk. I don’t think there was a single male in the film that didn’t show it all at some point.

(No, the guy who played the homeless man kept all his clothes on…)

I always want to like the films I watch, and at the least I want to pull something from them. A theme or lesson, maybe even something to learn. I’m struggling to find that here.

Maybe it’s about being insecure and how that leads to melodrama and conflict? Most of the main characters in this story had some kind of insecurity that prevented them from moving forward. That part was developed – Max because of his divorce, Con because of his inexperience and fighting parents…. But how did they actually overcome it? (I feel like I missed something)

I rented this from Amazon, but I would recommend waiting until maybe it’s part of the Prime (free) catalog. It’s a short film, but there just wasn’t enough there to give it what it needed.

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