See You Soon

See You Soon is an intimate and moving film that is a slice of life for two men who have found each other online but are worlds apart. Vincent and Anthony finally get to have a weekend together, and it’s new and exciting for them. They connect in ways they couldn’t over a digital connection which makes it all the more difficult for them when their time together is done.

I love that See You Soon depicts a love story that is gay but free of other common LGBTQ encumbrance. The issues they face are the same as any two people who are falling for each other.  The excitement of getting to know someone, the vulnerability of being discovered, and the pain of leaving are universal human experiences.

The production quality here was superb, and the actors made it all feel so real. At the end it was difficult to not feel what the character appears to be going though. This short film is definitely worth your few minutes to experience a range of feelings that you may remember from your own life.

You can watch the short film here:

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