I Love You Both

I Love You Both (2016)

The emergency code to get out of a bad date or situation is watermelons!

Synopsis from IMDB: “Krystal and her twin brother/roommate confront twenty-eight years of their codependency when they start dating the same guy.”

I followed this film when it was on Indiegogo as Quarter Life Crisis, and thought it had a lot of potential.  It wasn’t quite what I expected.

One of the main topics of this film seems to be co-dependence.  Krystal and Donny are twins, they live together, eat breakfast together, and do almost everything together.  They are even interested in the same guy.  I thought they would dive more into their relationship or maybe make it more humorous.

There is a scene shortly after they meet Andy, the guy they are both interested in (and who appears to be interested in both of them) where they are eating gigantic bowls of noodles and talking about Andy.  I would have expected 28 year old twins to be sharing how they feel about this guy or their interests in him.  Instead they talk about how hydrated Andy must be from the backpack of coconut water.

I did start to see more of their connection once the situation with Andy escalates.  Krystal tries to protect her brother from getting hurt, texting him using their secret code, running back to the hotel, and then insisting that they leave and not see Andy ever again.  I wish there had been more to that scene though as they didn’t seem to ever discuss what happened.  Even in later discussions it seemed under-developed.

I also get this sadness/lethargy vibe from the film.  The twins are stuck in a rut with their lives – maybe with each other – and they can’t quite break out of it.  Even when they talk about having fun there’s no energy – no fun.  Even many of the secondary characters in the film are sad.  I would assume that this is how we are supposed to feel watching the film as perhaps that’s what it is trying to communicate.

I enjoyed watching Krystal’s reactions to her coworkers as they were pretty loony.  One of the best scenes was when her friend found out about a situation with Andy and started crying uncontrollably.  There were some funny moments with the mother.  And towards the end, the twins start to talk like twins might.  Overall, the film flowed well, even though it didn’t really ever flow to where I thought it might.


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