Arizona Sky

M_ASArizona Sky (2008)

No one likes having regrets, especially when it involves missing a chance to be happy in life and love.  For Jake and Kyle, their missed chance turns into an opportunity to explore old feelings and see where they lead.

Synopsis from Amazon: “As young men, friends Kyle and Jake had special feelings for each other, but small-town life was too inhibiting for them to express their emotions. Twenty-one years later, neither man s life has turned out the way he planned. … One day, Jake takes a vacation back to the desert to spend a few days with his long-lost buddy. To both men s surprise, old emotions are rekindled but this time, … they are about to find out how they can be happy once again under the Arizona Sky.”

This is a film about regrets and taking chances.  Jake and Kyle seem to be stuck on their past relationship from 15 years ago, and a looming stress-induced stroke for Jake sends him searching for what he is missing in his life.  As it turns out, it’s Kyle.

I hear a lot in this movie about taking chances, and missing ones as well.  Jake and Kyle weren’t able to take a chance on each other when they were in high school because of their situation.  But now Jake wants another chance to take a chance.  Kyle is also wanting to take a chance on Jake, but still has a difficult time of it.  Despite some seriously awkward moments where they start getting to actually taking that chance they missed, they eventually confess their feelings for each other.

We see a lot of how being unfulfilled in your current life can motivate one to take chances.  We also get to see a picture of rural America, and how being openly gay isn’t exactly easy.  The toll that takes on people’s lives is obvious through Kyle’s struggle to be who is he is, even when presented with a chance to be happy.

I’ll be honest and transparent here.  This film is Lifetime drama to me, and there are some issues that made parts of it difficult to watch.  One of the most frustrating things I felt was that Kyle was made too much into a simpleton.  It almost seemed offensive to someone who is from a small town.  There needed to be more differentiation between Kyle – the man who is from a small town and Kyle – the man who is unable to express himself because of how his life has been.

There is a good story here waiting to be told.  And I think a few parts of it were portrayed enough that some of the points were made.  But I think there’s more that could have been done to make it more palatable and defined, and I think there are other films that take this type of storyline to the next level.


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