Steve Grand – All American Boy

m_SGSteve Grand’s new album “All-American Boy” will be out in just a few weeks.  (March 24, 2015)  As a KickStarter backer, I’ve been one of the lucky ones to get a copy before the release.  I’ve been anxious to hear what would the album would be like based on his previous releases.

Sometimes an artist releases some really good tunes that are on a new album, but when you listen to it you don’t find anything else that you like.  This is not the case with All-American Boy!  I think I like just about every track.  I’ve especially like and have been blasting “We Are the Night” repeatedly in the car.

If you think Steve Grand is just a country singer from what you’ve heard already, listen to some of his new stuff.  He certainly doesn’t fit into one specific category.  There’s country, but there’s also pop, hard rock, dance…  And it’s all good.  The music is good, and I like the lyrics and stories that the songs tell.

I wrote before that I think he is a good role model for a lot of LGBT youth out there who need role models.  When I was younger, Melissa Etheridge got me through some dark days.  If I had Steve Grand to look up to when I was younger I’m sure that would have been a good thing. (except that I might have confused a role model with a serious crush)

And I don’t think he appeals only to a gay audience.  I think his music is new and fun enough that it should appeal to a wide range of audiences.  So on March 24, check out his new album for yourself.  I think you’ll find something you like.



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