Everyone (2004)

Originally watched May 21, 2006

The movie Everyone is not for everyone.

The movie is about love. (I think) Although the description of the movie leads one to think its all about the gay couple and their wedding, there’s much more in this movie. Each of the couples coming to the wedding is undergoing a test of their own relationship, and they all deal with things a little differently. The film has good production value for an indie movie, and several of the characters have their moments. Unfortunately, they all seem to be quite dysfunctional.

[spoilers ahead]

For a comedy lets start with being nervous about getting married. Yes, comedic. But then there’s the couple who lost their baby, the husband who wants a baby and the wife secretly aborts each child, the husband who says he killed a child and the wife who cheats on him, the widow who wanted her husband to die sooner than he did… And in the end the gay couple who cant even get to the wedding without screwing the guests. So we should probably stop calling it a comedy about this point.

The examination of these relationships doesn’t delve deep enough to understand whats really going on. There’s not enough time in the movie to develop each character to the point where you understand them, leaving you with the feeling that they should all be on anti-psychotics. There’s really only a surface level understanding of each situation.

I will say the last few minutes of the movie were somewhat redeeming in that it provided some closure to open wounds. Some of the scenes were beautiful in their simplicity and message. But I’m still left with the feeling that maybe I missed something.

One comment was left on the original posting:  “I rented that movie from Blockbuster. It wasn’t fabulous, but it wasn’t horrible either. You didn’t miss anything, it was just rather poorly paced, and the acting was only average.
Glad to see I’m not the only one who saw this movie and felt that way”

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