Handsome Man

music_handsomemanHandsome Man – Matt Alber (2014)

I know it’s not a movie, but it’s almost like a short film.  I’ve been a fan of Matt Alber since I heard “End of the World” in 2011.  I love his voice that has the soulful qualities of Billy Joel and the stories that his songs tell.  It’s never just about the lyrics, the instrumentation, or the voice – they all combine to tell a story that does more than just make you want to sing along.

I just found “Handsome Man” on YouTube, and I’ve added his newest album “Wind Sand Stars” to my Spotify playlist.  “Handsome Man” tells the story of wondering about this handsome guy, what he’s doing and thinking, and how to tell him how he feels. Matt says in an interview that “the story is two guys waking up on a pivotal night they had together..  and all the things you do on a lazy Sunday morning with your sweet guy…” (Enders: 2014)

A great gay singer to check out as his career and music continues to grow.

YouTube – Matt Alber – Handsome Man


Enders, M. (2014, July 12). Catching Up w/ Matt Alber: Russia, Ptown, Great American Music Hall, "Handsome Man," Luscious
     Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLIajjEEb00#t=374

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