He Likes Guys

He Likes Guys (2009)
8 Short Films

Steam – um, do your own laundry. Quick and to the point.
Silver Road – two friends are about to part ways and they’re driving without the lights on. An ill timed kiss leads to awkward goodbyes.
Traces – a father learns the truth about his deceased son and his life. Well done.
Just – a hookup leads to a discussion about monogamy versus open relationships.
Laundromat – laundry day couples therapy. Any moment could be the last. Treasure each of them.
Seeing You In Circles – an interesting relationship story told in circles still goes nowhere
Waiting for Yvette – a convoluted AA meeting. Some recognizable actors in this one. Interesting character development. Funny.
Babysitting Andy – a bratty awful child becomes oddly likable.

My rating for this will be for the overall collection as it is packaged.  Some of these are good and others not so much.  The good thing about short films though is that if you don’t like one you don’t have far to go until it’s mercifully over.  To dissect this collection, I would recommend Waiting for Yvette, Laundromat, and Traces.  Babysitting Andy perhaps as well.


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