Profiles: Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz

I’ve been watching Wilson Cruz since My So-Called Life, and I want to start out by commenting on why that’s important to me.  Rickie Vasquez, Cruz’s character, was one of the first LGBT characters I ever saw on TV. I remember being stunned to see a gay person on TV.  At that time, I remember one of the only other gay men I had seen on TV was Pedro Zamora on MTV’s The Real World. Continue reading “Profiles: Wilson Cruz”

Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival

Another weekend, another film festival!  These are really a lot of fun to go to.  This weekend I visited Indianapolis and went to the Indy LGBT Film Festival.  It was held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and was well attended. The film festival supports a group called Indiana Youth Group (IYG), and a representative was there opening night to talk a little about the group.  It sounds like they are very active and even doing some new and different things to improve the lives of LGBT youth. The museum is in a pretty accessible location and there was lots of … Continue reading Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival

ReelQ Film Festival

This weekend I attended the ReelQ Film Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.  I spent several evenings there, and just wanted to comment on the experience. The festival is presented annually by the Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Their mission is “to celebrate LGBT culture and foster appreciation and visibility through film media.”  This year marks the 29th festival, and they are pretty excited about the big three-oh next year. The entire event takes place at the Harris Theater on Liberty Ave in downtown Pittsburgh.  The theater is a good size for the event, and it has a … Continue reading ReelQ Film Festival

Welcome to FruityMovies

Welcome to!  This site is all about gay-themed movies, media, and reviews.  I really enjoy queer cinema, all the independent studios that produce, and the community around the making of these films.  They tell the stories of our lives and bring visibility to LGBT culture. Some of these films are just for entertainment while others have themes or a deeper meaning.  Some will make you laugh, cry, or even cringe.  On this site I share my own thoughts on gay cinema from the classics to films just now making their way through film festivals. I hope you enjoy the … Continue reading Welcome to FruityMovies